Computers: Toxic Relationship Takeaways

Computers and humans: the ultimate toxic relationship. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

My Work Wednesday was a total write-off thanks to my work laptop.

Long story short: hardware driver failed on my less than 9 months’ old laptop. IT updated driver. Encryption software malfunctioned and encrypted hard drive and wouldn’t accept decryption key.

It’s still not fixed. We had to call the supplier to send a specialist to our office to fix it.

While I await lemon aid, I basically couldn’t do much at work, even with the loaner laptop provided by IT. Ironically, it reminded me why I enjoy my job: I was sad and frustrated that I couldn’t do my work. I enjoy it that much despite the things I dislike.

Lemons. Lemonade.

A nice little lesson in perspective!


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