Welcome to I Capture The CASL, my blog about marketing. I work in the insurance industry in marketing communications for a financial services corporation. The goal of this blog is to share different perspectives on various aspects of marketing. This blog won’t focus so much on the technical side of things but rather on the everyday consumer.

That being said: I’m utterly fascinated by where technology is taking us, how it will factor into health care and whether a Toronto sports team will EVER win a championship in my lifetime. I’m also a unrepentant Twitter-addict and trained historian (or as my stepbrother likes to say: She really likes books. A lot. It’s kind of scary.).

You may find opinion pieces about industry issues on this site. You may find advice and how-to guides by people in different areas of my industry and perhaps in others. You may find lots of fun and fantastically useful information about #the6ix here.

You may even find the droids you’re looking for here – you never know!

I hope you enjoy your visit! And if there is something you are curious about, ask!