The Washington Post: Deadly diseases can jump from animals into humans. These maps show where that might happen next.

Excellent article exploring predictive analytics and geomapping of zoonotic diseases. Researching spillover is so important to epidemiology!

I will have to toddle off to UofT or TorRef library to read the actual article, but here’s link to Post article:

Deadly diseases can jump from animals into humans. These maps show where that might happen next.


Computers: Toxic Relationship Takeaways

Computers and humans: the ultimate toxic relationship. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

My Work Wednesday was a total write-off thanks to my work laptop.

Long story short: hardware driver failed on my less than 9 months’ old laptop. IT updated driver. Encryption software malfunctioned and encrypted hard drive and wouldn’t accept decryption key.

It’s still not fixed. We had to call the supplier to send a specialist to our office to fix it.

While I await lemon aid, I basically couldn’t do much at work, even with the loaner laptop provided by IT. Ironically, it reminded me why I enjoy my job: I was sad and frustrated that I couldn’t do my work. I enjoy it that much despite the things I dislike.

Lemons. Lemonade.

A nice little lesson in perspective!

Welcome to I Capture The CASL.

Welcome to I Capture The CASL, a blog about marketing. I work in the insurance industry (stop hissing, we are very much here to help you!) so a lot of what you see will likely be reflective of that worldview.

The goal of this blog is to share different perspectives of marketing. This blog won’t focus so much on the technical side of marketing, but rather on┬áthe everyday consumer.

You may find opinion pieces about industry issues. You may find advice and how-to guides by people in different areas of the industry.You may find lots of fun and fantastically useful information about #the6ix. You may even find the droids you’re looking for here.

Enjoy! And if there is something you are curious about, ask!