The Weekly Op-Ed: See Jane Do – Complex Disruptors

Jane Jacobs was passionate about cities not because of buildings but rather because of the people in them. Jane was, after all, the undisputed master of citizen engagement and successful calls to action, much to Robert Moses’ chagrin.


Her observations and common-sense approach to understanding why certain urban environments work, why some don’t (and how to fix those that don’t) rewrote the landscape of city livability. Here in #the6ix, I just have to look at Toronto’s thankfully non-existent Spadina Expressway or the now-thriving areas of Regent Park or the Distillery District to see Jane’s vision as a happy reality.

There are many lessons we can learn and leverage from exploring how Jane Jacobs disrupted and innovated urban planning to meet the needs of a diverse, high-density population of end-users. Continue reading